Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to subsidize California’s spending addiction

By Dan Holler, Vice President, Heritage Action for America.

Buried within the more than 74,000 pages of our nation’s tax code lies a special tax deduction that allows state and local governments with excessively high taxes to shift part of the burden to taxpayers in other states.

In other words, the state and local tax deduction forces taxpayers in low tax states to subsidize the big-government spending policies of states like California.

Not only does this deduction feed lawmakers’ spending addiction, it makes it easier for these states to accumulate debt, which could ultimately result in future requests for federal bailouts.

While it’s clear that SALT is detrimental to our economy as a whole, it’s important to take a closer look at who actually benefits.


*This piece originally appeared in The Orange County Register, to read click here.

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