Most states experience double digit increases in health insurance premiums in 2016

What many health care experts predicted, and what the White House admitted last year is coming true – consumers purchasing health insurance on Obamacare exchanges will pay a lot more in 2016.

According to a recent study, 17 states will face average premium increases of 20 percent or more on the individual marketplace under Obamacare. Some states including Minnesota, Tennessee, Hawaii, and Alaska will face increased rates of over 30 percent.

This news comes at a bad time for realtors, many of whom already lost their health insurance plans on the individual market and been forced onto the Obamacare exchanges as a result of new regulations and mandates imposed under the Affordable Care Act.

Congress must work to repeal the President Obama’s health care law and enact reforms that increase choice and lower cost for consumers. Reforms that restore and strengthen the individual market and encourage small business health plans could be a good place to start.

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