Prosperity Unleashed: Smarter Financial Regulation.

Check out this panel discussing Heritage’s new book Prosperity Unleashed: Smarter Financial Regulation.

“Prosperity Unleashed: Smarter Financial Regulation provides solutions to the core regulatory problems that have existed in U.S. financial markets for decades. Policymakers can implement these solutions to make U.S. financial markets more dynamic, resilient, equitable, and accountable than ever before. Policymakers should implement these solutions because a well-functioning financial sector results in a society with more goods and services, more employment opportunities, and higher incomes. A smoothly running financial system makes it easier and less costly to raise the capital necessary for launching or operating a business, to borrow money for buying or building a home, and to invest in ideas that improve productivity and increase wealth. Join us for a public event where the authors of this latest publication introduce their research and hold a discussion on the proposals outlined in Prosperity Unleashed.”

Watch the panel above or click here to view it on The Heritage Foundation site.

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