Professional Sentinel Fly-In Recap

Last week, over 60 Professional Sentinels working in the real estate and business communities, and representing 23 states, came to Washington, D.C. to the Heritage Foundation for our 2016 Professional Sentinel Fly-In. The passion and enthusiasm of the Professional Sentinels who came made this event a huge success.

On day one, we heard from Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint on the importance of conservative business leaders keeping their representatives accountable. During our first session, we learned about the powerful benefits of conservative tax reform and health care reform on the housing and business industries from Heritage Foundation scholars Paul Winfree and Ed Haislmaier, and CEO of Juniper Research Group Chris Jacobs.

During the second two panels, Heritage Foundation scholars including Norbert Michel, Diane Katz, David Burton, and James Sherk, along with Cato Institute scholar Mark Calabria, provided a legislative update on what Congress is doing to rein back government financial and labor over regulation. In the third session, we learned how to effectively communicate conservative issues to those in our community from CEO of Heart & Mind Strategies Dee Allsop and in the last session of the day, we heard personal testimonies from realtors and lenders on how Dodd-Frank and the CFPB are undermining their business.

On day two, Professional Sentinels learned effective ways to lobby their member of Congress from Heritage Action professional lobbyists. Following this session, we had the privilege of hearing from Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) on his bill that would repeal or replace large parts of Dodd-Frank called the Financial CHOICE Act (H.R. 5983). Inspired by Chairman Hensarling’s speech, we took our knowledge to Capitol Hill and participated in 31 meetings, spoke directly with 22 Members of Congress and encouraged them to support the Financial Choice Act, the Employee Rights Act, and oppose the Department of Labor’s overtime rule. Professional Sentinels had a blast meeting their Representative and turning their newfound knowledge into action.

Speaking about the event, this is what Professional Sentinel Joe Bayer Jr. from St. Louis had to say: “If you believe in conservative values and less intrusive government, then you’re already almost a Sentinel. I went on a trip to D.C. with other like-minded individuals to share those concerns with Heritage Action and they did just what their name says, they took action. More importantly, they gave me the tools to take action in a planned and positive manner. As a Professional Sentinel myself, Heritage helped me get the word out, formulate a plan, and provided the tools to reach out to my Congressmen. Heritage Action made the steps that I thought were intimidating, a reality. As a matter of fact, they helped my industry, the housing industry, move a bill to committee and pass committee. I am a Professional Sentinel for life and would gladly speak with any potential Sentinels to share my stories.”

For those of you who were able to make the event, thank you again for taking time away from your business and family to be with us. For those of you who were unable to come, thank you for being a part of this program. We look forward to seeing at future events including our upcoming event in San Antonino, Texas on November 17-19 for all Heritage Action Sentinels. Click here to learn more and register for this exclusive event.

Click here to watch the full video recap of the 2016 Professional Sentinel Fly-In.

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