New Survey Shows what Issues Really Matter to Small Business Owners

The National Small Business Association (NSBA) recently released the results from their 2016 Politics of Small Business Survey just four months before the Presidential general election. According to the survey, only 7 percent of small business owners believe their federally elected politicians represent them well while an even lower number of small business owners – 3 percent – believe the current political system serves their business well.

This is particularly discouraging given the fact that many small business owners are active politically. 98 percent are registered to vote, 65 percent have donated to a candidate’s campaign, and two-thirds of small business owners surveyed have contacted their elected official on an issue related or unrelated to a small business issue.

Among the top three issues most concerning to small business owners is controlling the cost of health care, tax reform, and regulatory reform. Repealing Obamacare to lower health care costs, enacting pro-growth tax reform that lowers rates, and reducing federal regulations are three conservative solutions politicians in Washington, D.C. should work on to help small business owners succeed and win back their trust.

Read the Heritage Action policy briefs below to learn more about how Congress can address the most important issues impacting small business owners.

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