House Passes Bill Forcing Companies to Label GMO Products

The House of Representatives voted 306 to 117 in favor of a recently passed Senate bill creating a new federal labeling requirement on GMO products that runs counter to free speech, science, efficient farming, and cheaper goods. In a nutshell, the bill empowers the federal government to force private companies to mislead consumers by labeling products deemed safe to eat by major scientific organizations.

Heritage Action opposed this bill for the damaging effects it would have on food manufactures, which now have to comply with another federal regulation, the agriculture community, who uses about half of U.S. cropland to grow genetically engineered products, and consumers, who may end up paying higher prices at the grocery store.

Proponents of the bill argue that S. 764 protects the food industry from a complicated patchwork of state mandates, like the one in Vermont which requires companies to labeling products containing GMOs.

The House previously recognized this problem and already passed a bill preventing state governments from mandating GMO labeling. If passed by the Senate, the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act (H.R. 1599) would have created a voluntary, federal “consumer-friendly, science-based, uniform food labeling framework for products using genetically engineered ingredients.”

Unfortunately, instead of pressuring the Senate to pass their version, the House decided to rubber stamp the Senate’s bill. S. 764 now heads to the President’s desk for his expected signature.

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