Heritage Action Signs Letter Asking President Trump to Pull Out of Paris Climate Agreement

A host of free-market groups have penned a letter asking for President Trump to follow through on his campaign promise to withdraw from the Paris Climate Treaty. Pulling out from the agreement goes hand in hand with the Trump administration’s “America First Energy Plan” centered on lowering costs and reducing regulations.

The Paris Climate Agreement, a hallmark of Obama-era climate policy, imposes significant costs on American’s while providing only “symbolic” gains. In order to meet the agreement’s plan to limit global warming to 2 degrees celsius, the Obama administration plan to restrict carbon emissions would raise families energy expenses, cost hundreds of thousands of jobs, and cut $2.5 trillion from GDP.

While President Trump has already taken significant steps to roll back harmful Obama energy regulations, withdrawing from the Paris Agreement is an essential step to protect American interests instead of bearing the brunt of severe economic consequences for little to no environmental gain.

You can read the full letter here.

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