GOP plan to replace Obamacare

By Don Kirchoff, Heritage Action Sentinel Business Owner

The GOP’s draft health-care bill to replace Obamacare is disappointing, because it fails to correct:

•Features of Obamacare that drove up health-care costs

•Obamacare’s misguided insurance regulations that made insurance more expensive.

Passed by a 100 percent partisan Democrat vote, only a full repeal — including all mandates and taxes — can rescue the American people from Obamacare’s death spiral of oppressive mandates, skyrocketing premiums and deductibles, collapsing exchanges, loss of choice, etc.

Voters rejected Obamacare when they flipped to the GOP more than 1,000 state offices, the House, the Senate, and the presidency during Obama’s terms. Now it is time for the GOP to deliver on its campaign promises to fully repeal Obamacare.

Once fully repealed, replace it with a market-based system that puts health-care choice back in the hands of patients and their doctors and provides a transition period so no one will be deprived of insurance.

*Originally published in Wilson County News, click here.

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