Families Across America Can Expect a Tax Cut

By Adam Michel, Policy Analyst, Thomas A. Roe Institute at The Heritage Foundation.

Bold, pro-growth tax reform reached a major milestone last week. The House and Senate each passed slightly different versions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The two versions now head to a conference committee where select lawmakers from the House and Senate will work to hammer out one unified bill that can become law before the end of this year. They are working on a tight timeline, with only about two weeks left in the congressional schedule.

Policies in both bills would greatly improve our current, woefully out-of-date tax code. Independent analyses estimate that the economy could be almost 3 percent larger at the end of ten years, thanks to the pro-growth policies incorporated in the legislation. Even the notoriously conservative government scorekeepers predict that tax reform will boost the economy.



*This piece originally appeared in The National Interest.

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