Employee Rights Legislation Gains Significant Traction on Capitol Hill

A pro-employee/anti-labor union bill continues to gain support in the House of Representatives. Introduced by Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), the Employee Rights Act (ERA) – H.R. 3222 received the support of three new Representatives this week alone bringing the total number of co-sponsors to 127. This represents an increase of 20 co-sponsors compared to the amount of support the bill received last Congress.

The ERA significantly updates U.S. labor law, which hasn’t been done since the 1940s, to include a number of key reforms that would empower employees rather than union bosses. Under the ERA, employees would be guaranteed the right to a secret-ballot vote before joining a union, going on strike, or accepting a contract. This helps protect employee privacy and freedom from union coercion.

The ERA would also prevent “ambush elections” that allow labor unions to force a vote on employees to unionize without allowing employers adequate time to offer counter arguments.

Additionally, the bill would prevent unions from spending an employee’s dues on political activities that don’t align with their beliefs, and the ERA would finally criminalize union violence against employees at the federal level.

Provisions within the Employee Rights Act are supported by 80 percent of Americans. Congress should act now to pass this bill and protect the rights of employees, not union bosses.

For more information on the Employee Rights Act, click here.

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