Americans face high costs, fewer choices on Obamacare’s Fourth Open Enrollment

By Gloria Taylor

Last week marked the start of open enrollment for Obamacare. While the exchange websites may not be crashing and burning this year, consumers have a whole new set of headaches to deal with.

As the consequences of failed liberal policy continue to unfold, open enrollment highlights the fundamental problems with the government centric health care monster Obamacare represents – rising premiums, fewer choices and empty promises. That’s what the American people are currently stuck with.

When President Obama tried to sell his health care reform to the country, he touted lower costs and more choices as a priority. But when you look at the havoc Obamacare has caused, his rhetoric couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Insurers are dropping out of the exchanges left and right leaving 5 states and about a third of all counties with only one option. In addition, more than three fifths of states have fewer options than they did last year. With insurers dropping out and healthcare costs rising, the average premium has gone up 25%  with some states like Arizona seeing as much as a 116% increase. If that isn’t enough, you could be one of the millions to find out your plan doesn’t even exist anymore.

A few weeks ago, President Obama addressed the problem of rising premiums by claiming that as premiums go up so will government subsidies and tax credits to make up for the difference. In reality, around 60% of people with individual market coverage will still be left to absorb the obscene rise in their premiums or pay hundreds in fines for opting out. When health care premiums approach the cost of a mortgage payment, federal subsidies and spending gimmicks won’t do a thing to lower costs.             

Instead of repealing a failed law that continues to implode on itself, the Obama administration has taken illegal actions to bail out insurers at taxpayer’s expense. It’s time for our elected representatives to recognize Obamacare for what is – a failure. Congress must take action to stop the bailouts, fully repeal Obamacare and pass patient-centered, market driven health care reform.

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