ACA hardly affordable

By Heritage Action Sentinel Jude Eden

The “Affordable” Care Act has turned out to be anything but; a complete failure by any measure. The very people it’s supposed to help are hit the hardest by its unaffordability. We had to get it last year for my brother, a special-needs adult, and $800 a month with an $8,000 deductible was the “cheapest” option.

It took months to acquire, which couldn’t be done on the $90 million failed website. It’s an equal-opportunity disaster regardless of your party affiliation, removing choice and access. It’s poised to become even more expensive: this year NC will see a 40 percent increase in premiums and deductibles. It’s putting massive bureaucracy between individuals and good medical care without helping those who cannot afford care.

Free-market solutions would enable competition, thereby driving down costs and empowering individuals to customize their care and costs.

*Originally published in Star News Online, click here.

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